Server to Switch connectivity/relationship in uCMDB V 10.33

Hi Experts,

We have discovered the servers in UCMDB by installing the agents on remote servers and imported the network component’s Switches and routers via Integration from NNMi.
Now in UCMDB how we can find Server to switch connectivity/relationship; even to switch-port?

kindly suggest.



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    Actually... the *correct* way to do this with NNMi is to discover the servers you want layer 2 connectivity for in NNMi, and then the layer 2 connections will be sent from NNMi to UCMDB.

    Using UCMDB's discovery will result in (most likely) missing layer2 connections as NNMi uses a far greater number of protocools and supports many more vendors than the OOTB solution in UCMDB itself.

  • Hello keith,

    We cannot discover the servers from NNM via SNMP, that is not allowed.

    So we start the approach to discover everything within UCMDB; the servers via UD agent.

    V-center and ESX by VIM and SNMP.

    Switches and Enclosures via SNMP.

    Again Core and dist. switches via SHELL.

    Will it help out to get the Server to switch relationship?

    Kindly respond.



  • Yes you should get most relationships in combination of using all the layer 2 jobs as well as the jobs you mention

    We are working on a similar project currently and have got UD to create the relationships, and where not we added some enrichment to link certain CI's


  • Hi Keith,

    In Our environment we don’t have NNMi, we have only UD.

    CDP and SNMP is enabled on the switch side and “Host connection by SNMP and “layer 2 CDP/LLPD” discovery jobs are successfully completed.

    After that I have tried to create custom view (computer to Netdevices) using interface it doesn’t give the result. When I calculate the result shows ‘0’

    • Do I need any additional protocol to achieve the relationship between server and switch?  
    • Current in our environment we are having SNMP and CDP for switches and UDA installed for all servers.
    • Just to update you that I can able to view the switch to switch relationship
    • VMware (Vcenter and ESXi) discovered by VIM Protocol