Server to Switch connectivity/relationship in uCMDB V 10.33

Hi Experts,

We have discovered the servers in UCMDB by installing the agents on remote servers and imported the network component’s Switches and routers via Integration from NNMi.
Now in UCMDB how we can find Server to switch connectivity/relationship; even to switch-port?

kindly suggest.



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  • Hello keith,

    We cannot discover the servers from NNM via SNMP, that is not allowed.

    So we start the approach to discover everything within UCMDB; the servers via UD agent.

    V-center and ESX by VIM and SNMP.

    Switches and Enclosures via SNMP.

    Again Core and dist. switches via SHELL.

    Will it help out to get the Server to switch relationship?

    Kindly respond.