No Universal Discovery Module

Hello guys,

please help me with this. Maybe it's obvious but I'm not sure. Currently we're using UCMDB in 10.33 version but recently we set up a new 2020.11 standalone server and we noticed that we have no Universal Discovery module there.

Is it caused by lack of UD license?

And another one if currently we're using UD license in ver 10.33 is there a possibility to migrate it to new 2020.11 server?

Thanks in advance!

Marcin Musioł

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    Dear @MarcinM ,


    Yes faced the similar situation and it was due to licensing. & the UD module icon was just disappeared after applying the lic. ( probably for different versioning combination ) 

    Suggest to contact the licensing team for the lic migration path.

    All the Best :):) . 

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  • UD panel is missing due to a license problem. Maybe your license isn't valid or the license calculation mechanism failed due to various reasons.
    This is a known issue and you need to fix the license problem. The logs will tell more details.

    You can upgrade from 10.33 to UCMDB 2019.11 but you will need your licenses to be converted to license units. Maybe you need also additional licenses.

  • Suggested Answer

    CMS 2020.11 uses a new type of license.  You will be required to exchange your existing discovery licenses for 10.33 to the new form (as John indicated).  The exchange is 1:1 and there is no cost, but there is a document you must sign.  Please contact me via email at and I can get you going on this.

  • Thank you so much guys, yes, it was a licensing issue. We got old 10.33 UD license that we had to migrate to V2. Now it all works perfectly fine.

    Thanks again!