Should the Infrastructure Settings "Count of archived reports ..." work?

We send out reports via e-mail to a number of recipients, some of which we want to save for a few days in case we need to troubleshoot, check the data, etc.

I have flagged some test reports with the Archive option in the Actions setting of the report schedule, and I see copies of the report data getting generated and saved when I look under Topology Reports - this is all good.

I don't want to have to clean up these archived versions regularly, however, so I am looking at the Infra Settings that seem to pertain to archive retention, but uCMDB seems to be ignoring the settings.  The default setting is 5 for "Count of archived reports per saved report", but I am currently seeing 10 copies of each of the test reports I set up with the Archive setting.

I have set up my test reports to run quite frequently for this exercise - every 10 minutes.  Does the cleanup only happen at scheduled times (hourly, daily)?  Do I need to be more patient?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.