What CMDB is the best out there?

Looking to upgrade to a new asset management cmdb. Our environment only has AD and SCCM and our inventory is impotutuapp ssible to track at times. Any recommendations on a CMDB that is able to track an item and do reporting daily? appvalley

  • Hello,

    Micro Focus UCMDB has the capabilities  you need:

    •   SCCM integration .
    • inventory discovery. You can schedule it based on the requirements
    • Active Directory . I did not understand if  you are looking for AD discovery or for user authentication through AD. 
    • Has reporting capabilities and you can use the ootb reports or create custom and then schedule the reports based on the requirements.
    • you have to elaborate more what you mean by "able to track an item".

    I believe you have to find the best cmdb for your current needs and future use cases your organization might need. 

    Best Regards,