Difference between agent and agent less discovery in uCMDB

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Please can you let me know the major Difference between agent and agent less discovery in uCMDB briefly.


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  • agent based discovery refers to having an agent software (discovery agent) installed on the machines / hosts that require discovery.

    The agent software reports back to uCMDB server with data. Usually used for inventory discovery, the idea is that having an agent on the box will give you more insights into the data.

    agent less discovery do not require any software installed on the destination host, it connects to the box via SSH, powershell, restful API or some other common methods and look up details via OS runtime such as uname, hostname, ps or such invocation methods from the command line.

    This also means that you can have discovery against environments where it's not possible to install an agent, e.g. F5 loadbalancer, a linux based router...

    both have strength and drawbacks.