VMWare vCenter Topology by VIM job

Hi, We are using uCMDB 2021.11 with CP 2022.11 build 99.

I am running the vCenter topology job and getting this error in the mam.autodiscovery log file

This template has OMD distro 1.30

PLEASE NOTE that rhel_7 has (luckily) moved towards grub2 bootloader so when you are done with customization (now only in /etc/default/grub.conf), you have to run "grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg" in order to get grub2 upgraded. It should also be possible to put /boot partition inside of lvm since grub2 supports it (at least in debian).
If you need a template with more relevant HN-IKT config, please head "templates" folder, you can hopefully find a better template (_rhel7_hnikt) which suits your hnikt needs. )] has exceeded the size limit of the attribute [attribute: name [vm_annotation] type [string] isFactory [true] isUserUpdated [false] default value [] size limit [500]]
at com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.handleBulk(AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.java:855)
at com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.handle(AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.java:498)
at com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.dataInExecute(AbstractDataInUpdateOperation.java:246)
... 49 more

Caused by: com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.classmodel.exception.ClassModelValidationException: [ErrorCode [110] class model validation error]
validation error occured, class [vmware_host_resource]. Error in properties type validation : property's value [(string-vm_annotation:This is a rhel_7 template/deployed server from original _rhel7_minimal template. Updated 13.10.15. It has minimal rhel_7 installation inside (with ext2/4 fs) and some basic configs like ntpd (with local dc time servers), spacewalk-tools (to be able to communicate with local satellite server),vmware-tools.
I have added/removed some stuff in /etc/default/grub.conf (and blacklisted floppy module) to get rid of the annoying floppy IO error messages.

There seems to be a class model validation error - has anybody experienced this before?


  • Also have this error in reconsiliation log:

    2023-03-21 10:06:22,313 ERROR [Process Results Thread1-VMware VirtualCenter Topology by VIM] - !!!FAILED!!![Operation #2027950825 Name=DataInAddOrUpdateData] com.hp.ucmdb.reconciliation.datain.operation.DataInOperationException: [ErrorCode [110] class model validation error]
    Error while trying to [addOrUpdate] on level [1]! validation error occured, class [vmware_host_resource]. Error in properties type validation : property's value [(string-vm_annotation:This is a Redhat 7 deployed server from original _rhel7_minimal template.

  • Verified Answer

    Hello Stig,

    this is a known issue which was reported shortly after the CP 2022.11 was released. Initially we thought that a string limit of 500 would be enough for the annotation attribute but we got quickly feedback that it was too short. This was fixed in CP 2023.02 (the following one after the initial annotation feature) and the attribute vm_annotation from CIT vmware_host_resource was increased to size of 2000.

    You have 3 possible options here:

    • deploy CP 2023.02 which fixes this OOTB and delivers also some new VMware features like discovering of VM templates and snampshots
    • manually increase the size of the attribute vm_annotation from CIT vmware_host_resource from 500 to 2000
    • comment in the script the part where this attribute is modeled so you will not have it in the result vector at all until a next CP upgrade will be done

    Kind regards,


  • Thank you John, have been trying to search for the problem but did not find the feedback on this issue. Thank you for your quick respons and solutions.