Clear Trigerred CIs queue

Hello Dear Community,

How can I clear the queue of triggered Cis of an inventory job ?




I need to clear all the triggered CIs. Is this JMX method work ?

UCMDB:service=Topology Search Services ==> clearJobQueue


Thanks in advance.

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  • Yes but i can't stop the job for production reason.

  • then what do you mean to clear the queue. The queue is there, because the Inventory Job is in state "PARKING", waiting to connect to the Host behind. This process goes for 14 days when it times out and new triggering is done. 

    The CIs stay in the queue since this is the way Inventory scanning works. Eventually if you want to change this behaviour, you can modify the maxRetry on the workflow step in the Inventory Adapter:

    <step name="Scanner Connect" failure-policy="mandatory">
    <module type="jython"></module>


    However I don't recommend it.


    Petko Popadiyski

    Freelance Microfocus CMS UCMDB Consulting

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    I agree, Stop and Start the Inventory Discovery by Scanner job.

    The danger with this approach is that you will get 2 scan files from the same host within the same scan cycle period. For example, you already got a scan file on Monday but you stop and restart the job on Thursday you will get another scan on or after Thursday.