CSV file import

I figured importing CIs from a CSV file would be simple but I can't get it to work.  The issue doesn't seem to be related to the actual file or the CITs.

Here's what happened:

  1. I created a CSV file and put it on the Data Flow Probe that we use for integrations (where we have Excel files for integrations which work).
  2. I created an Integration Point where I set the Data Flow Probe attribute to the above host (which is a Windows host btw).
  3. But the required "Trigger CI instance" selection box doesn't make sense to me.  It shows a greyed out tree of CITs and by default it only shows SSH CITs.
    1. Selecting a random SSH CI and running the Integration Job logically results in some error "can't find file".
    2. Forcing a listing of WMI CITs and pain-stainkingly finding the correct WMI linked to my Data Flow Probe and then running the Integration Job results in the error "Triggered CI invoked on discovery job does not meet the discovery adapters inputTQL".

I read somewhere in the docs that this integration is for "SSH and NTCMD" only?  Is that the issue?  We discover many SSH CIs for our Linux hosts, but I don't have NTCMD CIs.