ucmdbroutingdomain differs when doing a NNMI push to uCMDB


In uCMDB we have DefaultDomain as the ucmdbroutingdomain on everything we discover (probe). When we tried to do a push from NNMi to uCMDB the nodes and interface where reconciliated just fine but the ipaddresses (and ipsubnet) are not. 

It seems as it sets the ucmdbroutingdomain to Default Tenant.

I guess doing an enrichment that change the value could be an ugly workaround. I am also thinking about changing the identification rule for ipaddress to skip the validation-criterion of the RoutingDomain. Since we just using 1 RoutingDomain this shouldn´t have any impact and connected interface macadress should be enough.


I can add that we in infrastructure settings has 

Default Domain Property Value to DefaultDomain


Does anyone have a solution to this? 

Wbr / Fredrik