Host Connection by SNMP - Discovey of IBM Datapower fails

It seems to connect but Running test connection fails? 

Anyone discovering an IBM Datapower? 

<CONNECT start="09:53:43" duration="0" CMD="client_connect" RESULT="success" type="snmp" credentialsId="230_1_CMS">

              <log start="09:53:43" severity="debug">Running test connection queries</log>
              <EXEC start="09:53:52" duration="9001" CMD=",,string" RESULT="ROWS_0_COLS_0" />
              <EXEC start="09:53:52" duration="0" CMD="next" RESULT="false" />
              <DISCONNECT start="09:53:52" duration="0" CMD="client_disconnect" RESULT="" IS_NULL="Y" type="snmp" credentialsId="230_1_CMS" />
              <log start="09:53:52" severity="debug">Unexpected SNMP_AGENT Exception:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "SNMP_Connection_Utils", line 1043, in mainFunction
File "SNMP_Connection_Utils", line 998, in testConnection
Exception: java.lang.Exception: Could not perform snmp connection to IPADDRESS:161


Wbr / Fredrik