NTCMD vs WMI & Powershell

Hi Fellow uCMDBers

We have been attempting to use NTCMD for discovery but are continually running into techos trying to prevent us doing so.  Some are almost incredulous that we would expect to be given Admin access to use this connection method.
It has been recommended by these same techos that we should be able to do everything we need to using WMI & Powershell and this is what we should be doing.  I would normally just think it is techos being difficult but there are so many saying it is a huge security risk that it is hard to ignore it.
The initial advice we have been given is to justs use the NTCMD discovery jobs and then there is no need to worry about both WMI & Powershell and that there are some things that you must use NTCMD for so might as well just use it for everything.

Can I get some advice here please on who's right and your own experiences.


Thanks in advance


  • According to some, NTCMD is not preferred.  They may indicate that NTCMD is sending user name and password in clear text.  I cannot confirm this assertion.  Those same people may claim that PowerShell, regardless of port and connection type, will not send credentials in clear text.  This may be the reason why the do not want NTCMD being used in your environment.

    As for whether or not the non-use of NTCMD will cause you missing discovery data will only be truly known when you select a system that has no discovered data and only discover it with WMI and PowerShell, specifically excluding it from NTCMD discovery.  Only then will you really know for sure.