Deploying Configuration Manager

Have a newly upgraded instance of uCMDB 10.22 CUP1.
Standalone server. No DNS. No Active Directory Domain. Plain customer infratsructure.

So does anyone have general recomendations on this beside manuals (installation and configuration are poorly described for CM)? What are possible caveats in such architecture?
Any help and hints would be appreciated!


  • So the issue elaborated such way:
    1) Installed CM
    2) Installed 10.22 patch
    3) Installed 10.22 CUP1 patch
    4) Got error on login page "Must Specify full domain name"

    5) Set
    Mbean: UCMDB-UI:name=LW-SSO Configuration. Method: setEnabledForUI
    Configuration attribute "Is LW-SSO enabled for UI" was set to "false".

    6) Login fails with warning in logs:
    2016-06-15 18:43:58,030 WARN User: ValidationPointSecurityContext.getAuthNRequestURL:140 ValidationPoint can not redirect, since authenicationPointServer [null] or authenicationPointURL [secure/authenicationPointURL.jsp] is null. RequestInfo is [RequestURL is [http://%hostname%:8180/cnc/]; method [GET]; remoteAddress is [%IP%]; sessionId [null]; RequestQuery is [EMPTY]; ].

    Question how to set Authorization for local method in Configuration Manager?