Limits of Regular Expressions in Enrichment Rules

Hello. So many questions.

Is there a guide on the limits/capabilities of regex for enrichment rules?

I'm new to python/jython but conditional groups don't seem to work...variables don't seem to work.

My current problem is trying to populate Attribute A with a string based on a variable value of Attribute B.

Also, how to control the output? 

As a sample:

Regular Expression:


RegExp Group


Populates Attribute B with sql... how do I translate to SQL Server?

Why doesn't something like this work?

(?:.{4})((sql)|(exc)|(fps))(?:.*)(?(1)SQL Server)(?(2)Exchange Server)(?(3)File Print Server)

Short of making an enrichment for each possibility, my cheap work around was to drop in three of the same query node, apply a virtual join, then apply the same conditions to each of them where only the variable and enrichment result is different.

This works for a small sample, but I have other conditions for other attributes with many possible outcomes.

Is this better suited for a custom adapter/discovery?

Any suggestions?