UCMDB Support Tip : UCMDB does not show login page in Web Browser

Issue description:

After an upgrade, UCMDB does not show login page in Web Browser even though all it’s services are running fine.


In UCMDB logs, the following error can be seen:

'ERROR - User name or password are wrong - failed to login on UCMDB'




Note : Before an upgrade if the password of user UISysadmin had been changed, the upgrade process would sometimes change it back to default.

Moreover just changing this user's password may also cause this issue.


This user is used to integrate UCMDB UI and UCMDB services. There is a method provided by JMX console which can test if this user works fine.

It is UCMDB-UI:name=UCMDB Integration > testSuperIntegrationUserCredentials



In you encounter this issue,

  1. First thing is to make sure your UISysadmin's password is correct.


  1. Then go to JMX console (http://<server>:8080/jmx-console/ ) UCMDB-UI:name=UCMDB Integration, click 'setCMDBSuperIntegrationUser'


  1. Input User Name as UISysadmin and password, then Invoke.


After that, the UCMDB login page would be shown.