No Input trigger CI for Invntorydiscovery job



I am working on UCMDB 10.2 with latest CUP and CP.


I have done agentbased disocvery and done Inventory disocvery  by Inventory disocvery by scanner job in management zone


Once only the job had been  run and now this job doesnot get Query Input CI to trigger the job and shows only two CIs as a result i.e. 

Inventory discovery by manual scanner job is successful

Inventory Disocvery by scanner job is successful.


For any new management zone and new Inventory job , issue is same but Host connection job is successful  for that management zone .


The schedule is showing OOB 14 day. I dont know how to change it. I changed it from modules and jobs tab -Inventory disocvery by scanner job but same is not reflecting for management zone job.


In disocvery modules & job for Inventory disocvery by scanner job is also not working with Input trigger CIs unless I add the CIs from add input symbol( ).


Please suggest what could be the issue. Please refer the snapshot.