<UCMDB Support Tip > “Assisted Modeling” tab is not visible in UCMDB Browser.


How to un-hide the “Assisted Modeling” tab in UCMDB Browser index page?



In umdb documents, we can find this:

Assisted modeling in the UCMDB Browser provides a more accessible interface for CI modeling than is available in UCMDB. Assisted modeling is designed for end-users who do not need the full modeling capabilities that the UCMDB provides for administrators. The UCMDB Browser provides a very intuitive and straight forward user interface for creating CIs and relationships between CIs. Assisted modeling is performed according to modeling templates.



So "Assisted Modeling" visibility is related to user’s role and permission. To use "assisted modeling", users must have data-update permissions assigned in the Roles Manager in UCMDB and View access to at least one of the modeling templates.

In other word, if your user does not have data-update and view permissions, “Assisted Modeling” will not be available for that user.