UCMDB UI error

Hello Experts, 


We have ucmdb 9.05 in our environment and after the recent restart we get the following error when loading the console.  None of the components in "Data Flow Management" is loading.

Has any one of you encountered this issue . Any help is really appreciated. 


Invocation of method [public abstract java.util.Set 
com.hp.ucmdb.uiserver.services.cmdb.DataAcquisitionService.getAllDataStores()] failed in HTTP 
invoker remote service at [http://<ucmdb_server>:8080/ucmdb-ui/services/DataAcquisitionService]; 
nested exception is com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.base.CmdbException: [ErrorCode [10] ]
Operation Internal Error: class appilog.framework.shared.manage.impl.MamResponseException : CMDB 
Operation Internal Error: class appilog.framework.shared.base.MamException : 
appilog.framework.shared.manage.impl.MamResponseException: [ErrorCode [-2147483648] undefined 
error code]
CMDB Operation Internal Error: class 
com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalException : Error in layout query due to 
exception: com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.dal.CmdbDalException: [ErrorCode [-2147483648] 
undefined error code]
Error in layout query due to exception: java.lang.NullPointerException : 
operation Tql Query: Get Ad Hoc Map (By Pattern). Pattern [getVirtualDS] : operation 
com.hp.ucmdb.discovery.framework.user.operations.AutoDiscoveryOperationGetVirtualDataStores : 
operation DataAcquisitionQueryGetDataStoreDetails