DB Protocol check credentials


does anyone know how to check credentials in ucmdb discovery ABOUT DB protocol

When I give only IP/Hostname I get error Following parameters are not defined: protocol_port

What is the string that I have to input to check credentials about ORACLE?

  • Hi,

    As per the error the credentials are not defined properly. Port number is missing (oracle uses 1521 by default) and other details also need to be checked.



  • Rawel credentials are in such a way in order to be generic and be usable by multiple instances and with multiple ports. Ports are defined in the xml file
    My question is if it is possible to use check credentials for an Oracle
    I have tried things like jdbc:oracle:thin:@
    or just but the message is the same

    Are you suggesting that credentials entry must be filled fully in order for check credential to function?
  • "Check Credential" will simply pick the values defined for a specific entry under credentials, so it can't be tested for generic one. For multiple ports, different entries can be created under credentials.