10.20 Upgrade

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I guess my first question is 'why this event ' ?  What treats are there in store for system admins as they plan an upgrade from 10.11 to 10.20. What are the highlight differences between this operation and for examle, the upgrade from 10.01 to 10.10 ?



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    There are no threats/ known issues for 10.20 upgrade. Basically for each customer forum event a topic is chosen. Since ucmdb 9.05 is out of support  and more customer are upgrading to 10.x version this topic was selected.


    To summarize, 10.20 is a minor version and is similar to uprgrade like 10.10.


    10.20 has all the known issue / upgrade issues ecnountered in pervios versions and it also has the new features.


    Also we recommned to upgrade to the latest CUP if available. For example in case of 10.20. Apply also CUP 1 then run the upgrade.


    Please let us know if you have any questions.


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    Gabi Medan

  • Hi Gabi,

    Thank You for your answer.


    Do you mean apply the latest CUP to the version I am ugrading FROM (is actually 10.11 CUP3 now) or the version I am upgrading TO (10.20 CUP1)


    This is the sequence I was planning to follow. Is it correct ?


    upgrade application server to 10.20 with HPUCMDB_Server_10.20.480

    Re-Install probes with HPUCMDB_DataFlowProbe_10.20.480

    Start server and probes.

    Wait for 'green' statuses. Log in and ensure probes are connected.

    Stop server.

    Apply CUP 1 patch, and allow automatic probe upgrade.


    OR, is there no need to start and stop between the main install and the CUP patch, and the probes will automatically upgrade to CUP 1 during hteir first boot ?




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    Your sequence looks good.  There is no pressing need to make sure the probes are connected (there was in 10.11) before applying CUP1, but you could do this just to be safe if you would like.