Internal error occured on UCMDB login page

Hi Team,


we are using older vesion of uCMDB9.0, and we are facing login issues, it gives "Internal error occured" on login page,


checked the services and those are running fine, and status is not dispalying any status,


kindly let me know how to resolve this issue.. 




  • First thing to try is to close your browser and clear the browser cache -try again does it work now?


    Check if cookies are disabled for IE?

     Internet Options -> Tools -> Privacy tab for the level of privacy (directly afecting cookies retention)

    Check we are not on the blacklist sites - same tab.


    Have you tried using a different browser?


    If none of those help:


    Delete the java cache on the client.


    -- Close all instance of web browser on the UCMDB GUI machine

    -- Find Java under Control Panel of UCMDG GUI machine

    -- Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files

    -- Click "Delete Files" this will delete all java applet files used by web browser on the UCMDB GUI


    Additionally do the following steps to clean some additional files


    -- Click Start Menu

    -- Click Run...

    -- Type "%TEMP%\UcmdbAppletJars" without quotes and Click OK


    This will open a window with folder containing jar files for each server used


    -- Delete all directories under this folder


    Now open a web-browser and type the link for UCMDB Server and try logging in. Does it work now?


    If this does not help please enable enabling DEBUG in the Java Console window, enter 5 ( and launch the UI


    Once done it is probably time to open a support case and attach the following:


    1. - UCMDB applet logs - located on the client machine at "%TEMP%\UcmdbLog"

    2. - Java console output

    3. - A fresh set of UCMDB Server logs

    4. - Browser version

    5. - Output from JMX Console Mbean: UCMDB:service=Server Services. Method: viewSystemInformation