Java.lang.Exception: Could not perform snmp connection

Hi Expert,

I've added one network device on ucmdb and trying to discovery through SNMP protocol but it;s getting failed to discovery.  

Getting error mesage :-

log start="18:36:05" severity="debug">Unexpected SNMP_AGENT Exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "SNMP_Connection_Utils", line 1033, in mainFunction
Exception: java.lang.Exception: Could not perform snmp connection to
<log start="18:36:05" severity="debug">SNMP: Connection failed</log>
<log start="18:36:05" severity="debug">OSHVector contains 0 objects.</log>
<log start="18:36:05" severity="debug">Failed to connect or no valid protocols defined. No Host CI will be created</log>
<log start="18:36:05" severity="debug">Reporting warning code 200 to framework.</log>
<log start="18:36:05" severity="debug">Warning message is: SNMP: Connection failed</log>
<log start="18:36:05" severity="info">Execution current time:2016/01/06 18:36:05</log>

So i've logged in with one of the probe server and manually i've execute snmpwalk with the credential shared by network team and same which is configured in UCMDB. it's working without any problem ,, wondering what cause the issue..

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