normalization rule -to capture serial no



I am working on UCMDB10.20 with latest CP and CUP.


For few network devices serial no is not getting  captured so I tried to enrich the same using below details. but ucmdb is not showing given serial no  in properties for the same. Since I dont have private OID for serial no. I have mentioned below attributes.


<rules:normalization-rule ci-type="node" id="3">
<attribute name="sys_object_id" value="." compare-type="equals"/>
<attribute name="discovered_description" value="Hardware: Array APV 2600 Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU - Software: ArrayOS Rel.APV. build on Thu Jul 24 12:02:09 2014" compare-type="equals"/>
<attribute name="snmp_sys_name" value="pdc-cbs-lb2-s" compare-type="equals"/>

<attribute name="serial_no">


what is wrong with this rule so device is not getting enriched for serial no??


Please suggest.





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