methods ClassModel

Hi all,
we have encountered some problems after upgrade uCMDB from 9.05 to 10.21.
In particular, an integration job between uCMDB and SM, gives error :


"Object entry for element number: 14 doesn't exist in the result."

From log "calculateTqlAdHoc" seems that number 14 is related to "Business Service" CIT.
This integration job worked well in 9.05.


Support suggested us to use the method of JMX-Console:

UCMDB:service=Class Model Services updateClassModel
UCMDB:service=Class Model Services reloadClassModelFromPersistency

We didn't try to use these methods because our customer's ClassModel is very complex and big, so we'd like to be sure that we don't have any side effect.
I read in release notes 10.21that some times, after migration,  class model is not migrated totally correct and for this reason these methods are used.

Have you ever tried these methods?
Could anyone of you give some information or feedback?

Thanks in advance,