<UCMDB Support Tip>Unable to delete customized attributes



User customized a CIT with new attributes but when they try to delete the new attributes from CI Type manager with admin account, it shows the follow error message:


"You are not permitted to remove this attribute ".




In the XML file of the customized CIT, it shows the new attributes are marked “factory is true”. It means they are Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) attributes. In UCMDB 10.x, removing any OOTB attributes is not allowed.  


The cause might be that the user did not create the attributes from CIT manager but manually added new attributes with “factory” value in the CIT XML and then overwrote the default CIT.


Generally we should not set customized attributes as “factory is true”.


The workaround is only to copy this CIT and remove it, and then create a new CIT as expected.