TIBCO discovery fails due to truncated command line



we are runnig DDMA 9.05 CP 11.11.-842 against uCMDB 9.05


TIBCO discovery fails since "Host Resources and Applications byShell" Job truncates the command lines of the discovered processes.

We found that HP-UX 11.11 truncates the command line at 63 characters while SunOS 5.10 truncates at 79 characters.


/usr/ucb/ps  is installed on the Sun machines as requested in the discovery manual. uCMDB field width of the process ci type for command line is 4.000 chars.

"/usr/ucb/ps -agxwwu" is explicitely used in the discovery code with the comment that it is done to get more than 80 chars.



TIBCO discovery relies on reading parameters from the command line, that are not there due to the truncation.



Is there any idea what we have to change to get the full command line?


Any hint would be welcome.



Hendrik Müller




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    We could solve it.


    For SunOs the sudo path for our discovery user was wrong. /usr/ucb/ps gives only long output if run as root.


    On HP-UX we modified the discovery script to use 'ps -efxx' instead 'ps -ef'.

    We found that all our HP-UX versions support '-efxx'.