Duplicate BusinessApplication CI during BSM-UCMDB Integration

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BSM: 9.24

UCMDB: 10.11


We have integrated BSM with UCMDB. Integration point is created in BSM.


We want to send only selected BusinessApplication CIs in UCMDB to BSM. The name of the BusinessApplication in UCMDB is same as that in BSM.

While we are sending the BusinessApplication CI from UCMDB, there is a new BusinessApplication CI getting created in BSM with the same name, resulting in duplicate CI. It appears to be problem with Reconsillation. But I'm not sure how to fix this. 


Node CIs which are being sent from UCMDB to BSM are not getting created instead are only updated with the Global ID. The problem we are observing is only for the BusinessApplication CIs.


Please help me to  solve the issue. Thanks in advance.


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  • you need to make sure the below attributes are same in both RTSM and uCMDB..


    For Business Application : 

    Identifcaition rule -- > Name should have exact match

    Verification rule --> app_id & party


    Also look for recon errors using the business application CI id in below logs.



  • Hi Sree,


    Thanks for the response. I'm new to this integration. Could you please help with the below points.


    Where can I check for the attributes mentioned below? 

      - I assume it should be checked in the Reconciliation Priority Document(XML) for the BusinessApplication CI Type. Please correct me if I'm wrong

      - These fields are not present in Attributes section of the CIT


    I couldn't find the mentioned logs in BSM. However these are present in UCMDB. Does this mean the integration should be majorly supported by UCMDB guys rather than BSM Admins?


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