How To manually upload xsf File into HP UCMDB Server

Hi All, 


How we can upload or Import xsf file that is scanner generated file . we can run that Scanner-win.exe  exe file on required server , we can get xsf file of that server , how we can show result in HP UCMDB Server , what will show us , I can view that file on Probe server , in Inventry Tools ,but cant import or pload into HP UCMDB Server 






  • Put the .xsf in the Incoming (C:\hp\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\runtime\xmlenricher\Scans\incoming) folder of the probe server. The XML enricher will enrich the scan file and move it to the processed folder and also put a copy in the Sending folder. You should then run the Inventory Discovery by Manual Scanner job to import the scan data from the probe server to UCMDB.