UCMDB SM integration customization

Hi Expects,


I’m using ucmdb 9.03 and I have configured the UCMDB – SM integration to push the switches and routers data from ucmdb to SM.  But during the integration job execution, some of the routers and switches data are not getting populated to SM. When I checked for the reason, the cardinality conditions of the “networkData” tql (Integration->SM sync) are not met for these switches and routers. If I change the cardinality condition, I’m able to push the missing switches and routers data to SM successfully. As modifying the networkData tql this way  may affect the other devices in the integration I tried as follows.


I tried with copying the tql “networkData” to “networkDataNew” and modified the cardinality condition in the “networkDataNew” and then created a new SM integration point using this new “networkDataNew”. It pushed the needed data. But this new tql “networkDataNew” is also using the same “network_data1.xlst” configuration file in the ServiceManagerAdapter7-1. As I need to modify this “network_data1.xlst” also for mapping to new fields, I tried to create a new configuration file like “network_data1.xlst” but I could not do this.


Please assist me what could be the better approach to handle this without affecting the existing integration..




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  • Hi HR,


    Thank you for the clarification.


    After further investigation it appears that this is a limitation in UCMDB 9.03, indeed you can not specify the Package for that Configuration file. This is addressed in the version 9.05 (which I used for testing).


    As a  workaround for this issue, you can export the Package (from the Package Manager), put the updated configuration file  in there and then import the package back.