Last Access Time not being updated by vCenter Topology job


We're currently experiencing which i think is an unusual behavior regarding the "last access time" attribute on CIs.

Since one week a lot of CIs are not being updated (i mean this attribute and also the "last discovered time" attribute since there is no change on these CIs) , despite still existing on our vCenter for example, therefore the aging mechanism starts to kick in (candidate / deletion time set to 3 / 7) and we're losing lots of CIs.

I've tried restarting multiple times vCenter Topology by VIM jobs on our vCenters, i can see all CIs being added to the vector/results in communication logs but nothing is updated on the CI,

I've also tried reducing the "touch time" to 12H according to this post but no luck either : /it_ops_mgt/ucmdb/f/sws-cms_sup/86496/ucmdb-support-tip-discovery-not-updating-ci-attributes---last-access-time-and-last-discovered-time

Also concerned nodes are not being accessed through host connection jobs, so we need them to be updated by the vCenter at least.

We're on 2019.11.

Thanks for your help,
Best regards,
Yann Pingot