Get VMWare Tags with Discover



Is their a way to get VM Tags from VMWare with uD in order to stored it in "Tag" attribut of the "VMware Host Ressource" ?


I look for an option on discovery jobs for VCenter and I found nothing



  • Hi ISSC,

    For VMWare tags, it is not available OOTB. 

    So, You need to customize the existing script or create  an adapter  by modifying  "Config parser Manual"  or "execute command manual"  jobs and store it in any attribute as you required. I have used Powercli commands for VMware, but never tried in UCMDB script.

    I think one workaround would be ask VMware admin to create a file with vms and tags using a script and schedule it, and then use config parser job to grab the contents of the file periodically.

    To include it in OOTB , it should be an enhancement through Idea Exchange.

    Tag based Query/Modeling should be one of the key components in future releases.  So, hopefully MF will take this enhancement based on votes.

    Hope this answers your question.


    Bhaskar Badam

  • Thanks for the feed back.


    So I agree, I would like to get tags from VMWare but it s not OoTB.
    With the team, we know how to do that with an external script and using API.

    But for the moment, we won't do anything as we can't really use tags for automate actions on uCMDB (like enrichment rules)


    Hope next release will provide more features for using tags attributs