Migration documents from Remedy Atrium to HP uCMDB

Hi Team,


I am looking for the steps to perform a migration of CMDB from Remedy platform to HP uCMDB
Currently our CIs and relationships are residing in Remedy AR system (Atrium)
Your support to provide links and materials to migrate the same (CI and relationships) to HP uCMDB would be highly appreciated,

  • Hello,


    This could be a complex task...


    Even though there is an adapter to pull information from Atrium to uCMDB, you will still have to define mappings between the two different datamodels in Atrium and uCMDB.


    If you only are using a few classes in Atrium (like BMC_ComputerSystem) then it should be doable. If you are using several different classes in Atrium and complex relations - well, then you will have to prepare for some obstacles. Not impossible, but it will take some time...