DDMI/Connect It to UD/UCMDB product integration - Hardware.xml normalization in Asset Manager

Hello expefrts. I have a client going from DDMi/ConnectIt to UD/UCMDB. This is about the fourth project I have done something similar to this on. Everything in the push to AM adapters seems to be going smoothly, except we did notice that we have some duplicatgion of hardware models. I have seen this issue in past engagements also. Looking at the Hardware.xml mapping and comparing it to the Software.xml mapping, I notice that the software references the InventModel table. That does not exist in the Hardware mapping. I think in the past what I have done to solve this was to copy and past the normalization code into Hardware.xml, tweak it as needed and it worked fine. Does this sound like a feasible approach? I can't recall exactly if that was the solution so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.