Merge VLANs by Ports

If I enable the "Merge VLANs by Ports" job, will this reduce the number of VLAN CIs?  I currently show 5178 VLAN CIs.


And if the "Merge VLANs by Ports" job does reduce the number of VLAN CIs, will this reduce the length of time the "Layer2 Topology VLAN-based by SNMP" job takes to run?



  • Hello;


    The 'Merge VLAN' job will simply combine the VLANS where they are connected by a  layer2 connection and have the same VLAN ID.  Since the end result is the same VLAN IDs will exist, it will not impact the Layer2 Topology VLAN-based by SNMP as the same IDs of the VLANs exist, so the snmp community strings will still be appended with the same VLAN IDs as before.