uCMDB 9.05 to 10.20 migration

Hi experts,

we are planning to migrate a 9.05 uCMDB to version 10.20.


The migration best practices advice to clone DB and Application Server components of the original environment.
In our scenario we already made the DB clone, but we have some problems to make a copy of the AS.


Is it possible to start a UCMDB 10.20 installation (in a brand new server) and connect it to the cloned 9.05 DB in order to proceed with the migration?

Is the 9.05 application server clone mandatory to start/complete the migration process?


Thanks for your support.



Paolo Torrigiani

  • Hi Paolo,


    The most important thing is to have a DB backup of 9.05 environment.


    You can install 10.20 to a new/existing server and then connect the uprader to the restored backup DB. SO the answer to your questions is yes, it is possible


    The clone of the 9.05 env is a best pratice in PROD environments. If you will encounter issues with the upgrade you can be in the situations that no ucmdb environment is available. If all these are done in a clone environment then a ucmdb environment will be available for end-user.


    Best Regards,

    Gabi Medan

  • Hi Gabi,

    thanks for your quick reply. It's a good news for us, thus we can start the migration immediately.


    I have one more question regarding the migration and UCMDB Browser:


    Currently we have the UCMDB Browser installed on a different machine. We made a fresh install of UCMDB 10.20 in a development environment and we noticed that it installs automatically the Browser in the same server.


    Is it possible to split uCMDB and UCMDB Browser upgrade to keep it on a different machine?


    UCMDB Browser will be the main front end for the users after the upgrade, so please consider hundreds of users (up to 1 hundred concurrent) as the reference workload for the Browser.


    Thanks and regards,


    Paolo Torrigiani