UCMDB 10.10 will not start after uninstalling Configuration Manager



I had a running environment with two UCMDB 10.10 servers and a third server with Configuration Manager.

I wanted to uninstall Configuration Manager, so I did that and dropped the Configuration Manager database as well.


To make sure I was working on a clean UCMDB database, I also dropped the UCMDB database.

I then ran the UCMDB Configuration Wizard to redeploy the database. I then configured the second UCMDB server to the connect to the new database.

I then started the first UCMDB server, waited until /status showed all components/services was started and then I started the second UCMDB server.


I entered JMX console and installed my licenses.


I am now unable to login to UCMDB, the GUI just shows "Internal Server Error Occured", on this page http://myserver:8080/ucmdb-ui/login_page.jsp.


(I will be a happy to add logfiles if that will help).


Kind regards