UCDMB Asset Manager Integration



We are populating UCMDB 10.01 with Asset Manager 9.40 data, the population job works as it should.  We would like modify the job to pull some additional fields from AM into UCDMB.  Can you point me to documentation that describes that process?  I dont see it in the Discovery and Integration content guide or anything in the config files that looks promising.  I've added the field I want to the CIT and TQL for the job but that didnt do it. 




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    Hello Bjordan,


    I hope you are doing well .


    I would like to know if you add the link of the table from AM in the XML file .



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  • Thank you, that was what I was missing, it's working now.


    One other question if you dont mind, reconciliation.


    In our integration between AM & UCMDB a new Windows CI is created when the name of the Asset is different from the name of the existing, discovered Windows CI.  Is there a way to avoid that?  It just creates a relationship to the existing CI if the name is the same and that's what I want.


    I tried adding Serial Number with a larger priority number in the overide (1000) but it still creates a new Windows CI rather than just a relationship based on SN.  I dont see a file in the Adapter to handle that.