Move CI from CI Type to another CI Type?

Can I move CI to another CI Type?


For example, i have 1000 CI in the Switch CI Type and I want to move to Computer CI Type.


How i can do this?

  • Hi,


    No, this is not possible, at least not OOTB.


    You can export the CIs as an CSV and write your own adapter/job to import them as computers. 

    But I would NOT recommend this approach, because they are not computers. but switches. 

    And when the OOTB job runs they are discovered and created as switches. 

    So you have one device with two CIs of different CI types in the uCMDB. 


    It will be a mess.


    Good luck



  • There is no standard way to move ci instances from one ci type to another ci type.

    How ever the best possible way to do this is first take a back up of all switch CIs by taking and export in csv file.


    Then delete all the cis from switch

    Modify the ci type in csv file and the import this into new ci type, so there wont be any conflict of reconciliation.