Enrichment rule not working in HP UD 10.10



I am using HP UD 10.10 on Windows OS.


I am creating an Enrichment rule to populate the "Node" CIT attributes in the "Database" CIT. For e.g. I want to populate the "Discovered Model" and "Serial Number" attributes of "Node" CIT into "Database" CIT(I have created custom attributes to populate this data in Database CIT). The Cardinality is set to (Node:Database) as 1:* I am mapping the attribute from Node CIT to Database CIT in the Enriichment tab for Update action.


But then the rule is not working as it is not populating the custom attributes with the respective values in the Database CIT.


Please help me know with any inputs on this.


Thanks in advance.

  • First you need to verify the custom attributes you created are visible and editable in CI Type Manager


    In the enrichment in, Enrichment Mode, right-click on the Database CIT and select Update Query Node


    Select your custom attribute, in this example its Note, select Advanced and select ...


    In the Advanced Attribute window, select the Add icon

    For Type, select By Attribute

    For Value, select Node

    For Advanced Value select DiscoveredModel



    You should now see the attribute with the value as Node:DiscoveredModel


    In order to prevent the enrichment from actively running on Database CIs

    Go to Query Mode and right-click on the Database CI Type and select Query Node Properties

    Add your custom attribute is null

    In this example I'm using Note


    When you turn on the enrichment, this enrichment will only work on Database CIs that have an empty custom attribute.

    And it will add the related Node's DiscoveredModel to the Database custom attribute.