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I have question.
1. We have 4 data flow probes one is "A1 Internal" ,"A2 External", "B1 Internal" and "B2 External" most of the machines deployed an agents and our Data Centers deployed in "A1 Internal" and we are scanning all the machine's from this probe. Now if any user working remotely and agent deployed to that machine and he is not connected to VPN does this machine will discover ?if the machine is not in VPN will it work on external IP do we need to add the external network IP to the subnets ?
2. If we need to discover external network machine's i mean out of VPN machine's do we need to define external network IP subnets to the probes ?
3. How agentless scan works if we use service accounts for remote machine's without VPN does it scan the devices ?if yes how ?do we need to define external IP subnets in probe to get it scan ?


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    Hi Chetu,

    1. Yes, if you want to use agent/agentless discovery, you have to configure CallHome functionality on the UDs to use the IPs of the External Probes. However in my practice the enterprises normally do the scan when the machine is in the VPN. If it is connected to AD, sooner or later it should be connected to the network as well.

    Another solution is to configure the UD scanner to upload periodically it's resulted files to an external FTP server, from where the probe to get them. In that case you don't need to configure ranges.

    2. Yes, if you want to discovery any server/machine it should be part of the ranges or get the scanner files with another process and put them into the incoming folder in the probe.

    3. It works exactly as for internal servers.



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