April 21-22: uCMDB Expert Day!

Hello Everyone,


 uCMDB is hosting an Online Expert Day on April 21-22 , 2015!  Mark this on your calendars!



If you are a customer with a support contract, then we would like to invite you to join us uCMDB Support Costumer Forumon April 21-22 when HP product Experts will be online for 24 hours to answer any questions regarding:



10.20 Upgrades


Event start time:  April 21 at 01:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 4:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time / 09:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time

Event end time:  April 22 at 01:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 04:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time / 09:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time


What is an Online Expert Day? 

Online Expert Day is an event when HP product, R&D, and Support team members and other employees join our online forums to answer your toughest technical questions.  Online Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly with the HP Experts!


How does the Online Expert Day event work? 

HP Experts will be online for 24 hours in the forum and will do their best to answer your questions. They may need to get some more information from you so please check the box "email me when someone replies".  An online conversation will be born!


To participate, you do need access to the uCMDB Support Costumer Forum if you don’t have access, please add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile and log in again.


If you have a valid support contract and are still experiencing issues, please send an email to swcommunity@hp.com.


For more information on our Support Customer Forums and how to add your Support Agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile, please click here.


For upcoming Online Expert Days, please bookmark the HP Software Online Support Services - Forum events



If you have questions regarding the Online Expert Day event, please reply to this message.


We look forward to your attendance and your questions!



HP Support


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  • Hi Marc,


    it is for 10.20, but please feel free to ask any questions regarding UCMDB. Also after this expert day you can always submit questions in the forum as we have support engineers in this forum that will be monitoring the forum and will address your questions.


    So you don't have to wait for an expert day to submit your questions. Only during an expert day we bring in more experts.


    Hope this addresses your question?





  • Hi Experts,


    Sorry for the reply. I am not able to locate the "new post" button on the screen :(


    I am trying to discover the SQL functionality  "AlwaysOn Availability Groups".  I am not able to locate the discovery module for this architecture in UD version 10.20 


    Is there a standard approach to discover this type of database clustering environments?


    Kind regard,



  • Hi,


    During an expert day you can ask any questions on UCMDB. We sometimes focus on a specific topic but you can also ask other questions on UCMDB. You don't have to wait for an expert day to ask questions, we have support engineers monitoring the forums so you can always submit your questions.