UCMDB - sum of all cpu's

is there a way to determine the total number of cpu's on a server, and update an attribute?

I am busy with Atrium integration and do not want to push all cpu's to Atrium, but rather a value in an attribute.
The windows CIT has a "windows physical memory size" attribute that can be mapped to an Atrium class/attribute.

any suggesting on how to do this for cpu's (and then also for unix memory)?

is there a "sum" functionality in UCMDB that can be used to update an attribute on the host CIT?




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  • Hi,


    I want to knnow the solution for this. How can i get the count of number of cup's in a server and update a field in the server.




    I have server "A" and it has 8 CPU's with a query tql between server and cpu I can see that there are 8 cpu's (cpu1,cp2....cpu8) i can the count 8 to be updated in the server under attribute "number of cpu's = 8"



    how can i do this?


    Please help.

  • The report in UCMDB 9-10 (and most probably 8 as well) has a Count function.

    Please check attached screenshot. If this won't be selfexplanatory, please let me know.

    You even could make CPU invisible in TQL, so report will only show node and CPU Count.

  • Hi all!


    I saw the reports on uCMDB and it looks good!

    But, there are any way to populate an attribute with the result of the used function?


    For example:


    I have one node with 4 CPUs. Each CPU have 8 cores (attribute - 'Core Number' on CPU CI).

    So, I have 32 cores on that node.


    I wanna put this information ( 32 ) on a customized attribute on Node CI.


    Can anyone give a help?



  • Hello,


    I don't think the out of the box mechanisms, like the Enrichment engine, can be used to perform arithmetic like this, however there are a number of ways to get around this.


    1. in UCMDB GUI export your report (scheduled), massage your data (unless you're using the sum function in the report), reimport the report using an integration point (scheduled), mapping your CPU data on some attribute of your creation

    2. write a piece of Jython, a script for an adapter or a plugin, doing the calculation and mapping

    3. use Connect-It to extract, manipulate and resubmit your CIs.

    4. use the UCMDB webservice to perform the above.


    Good luck.