UCMDB Clarfication required from Experts

Dear Experts,


We have this questions which has been asked by different customers(UCMDB 10.10).


  1. How do you identify computer CI based upon the attributes whether this CI is a Desktop or Laptop. I can say easily by looking at the model but customer queries is when Node role attribute contains Desktop . It will be easy if the Node role attribute contains Laptop. Is there any other workaround for the same or any suggestions.
  2. The CI attributes does not contain IP address information when a node ci or any ci is opened where as it contains the host name. I know it is separate CI type(IP Address). Is it possibile to bring IP address attribute information in the node ci.
  3. UCMDB Application takes considerable amount of time to login as the Java applets takes time to load. is there any way to load the java applets at the faster interval on the client systems.
  4. In Discovery job based on Modules can a data export option be provided in the same screen. We know about the workaround to go and get the data in reporting but it will be good if the export option is provided .
  5. In discovery job reporting when we export data there is no column which states the CI type. Can this be included.
  6. In the OOTB Integration between UCMDB and SM. Can all the basic attributes like model information for each of CI to be included so that most of the inventory details can be seen in SM when the OOTB integration is used.
  7. With respect to Service Modeling can there be a draft of Service Modeling(generic) that can be made available so that we can demonstrate the same to customer and this is the Best practice suggested by HP. We understand that it differs based on each customer but customers want to see a draft from HP.
  8. Best pratice or recomendation for effective license usuage for discovery.
  9. in LDAP authentication can a mixed mode be brought just like in BSM.
  10. Just like MYSM or MYBSM Dashboard avaliabile as part of other tools can we designDashboards in UCMDB so that it can be presented to the Management in one view.


At this moment this are the question which has been asked by different customers.


we would be greatful if we can get answers to the above questions.





  • Dear Raj,

    I'll try to answer some of questions:

    1. I'm not aware of facts when OS (Windows for instance) aware about phisical form factor of platform it's runing on.

    If you know how this could be found in the OS, custom discovery could be created or enhancement request submitted.


    2. The Host CI has no IP information on intend. Think how you want this info be populated if your system has 20 IPs, 100 IPs?  You do have an option to populate IP info on Host CI with enrichment. But if you are looking for methods of retriving the info from UCMDB to other systems, it's not needed. The mapping file and appropriate TQLwill do the magic.


    3. UCMDB is cachign JARs on client side. So, first start is always long. If you're runing thin clients, you need to be sure Java folders aren't trashed every night. In addition, the time could be spent on code signature certificate check. I'd suggest open support case and to state clear what current time, expected time and environment are. 

  • Please eleaborate more on 4 and 5. 


    6. UCMDB-SM integration is flexible. Potentially any attribute saved on UCMDB CIs could be mapped and then pushed to SM. To do so integration need to be tailored. Be sure that SM has appropriate class model entities as well.


    Please elaborate on 7 as well.


    8. I'm not sure what the effectiveness is. Please define. Changing and restricting of the probe ranges could help there. But the main question is what needs to be discovered. Please pay attention that new release of UCMDB 10.20 have ASM feature. It stands for Automated Service Modeling. In few words it giving an option to discover busioness service not from IPs, but from access URL. Could be helpful...


    9. I have no educated answer on this one. We'll need to check.


     10. Dashboards isn't part of UCMDB, since the product less intend for monitoring. I'd suggest to check UCMDB Browser. It giving an option for widget creation. So, you'll see different aspects of specific CIs. Check it. Any ERs for UCMDB are always welcome. 


  • Thanks for the reply . Please find the comments as well as more details about the questions that were not answered.


    Question1: Even i am not sure that was the reason this query was raised to Experts.
    Question2: Even though if there are many IP address connected. The primary ip address should be only one as per my understanding. Is this possibile? or i am wrong in my understanding.
    Question3:As per the recommendation we shall raise a support case with HP.
    Question6:My question still stands valid. There are basic information like for example -DIscovered Model Manfacture Model which forms as a basic attributes for any CI why this has not been considred in OOTB.
    Question:8 this question is based on License usuage for UD. Do we have any bestpratices that needs to be followed?
    Question9:Please check and revert back to us.
    Question10:The customers were interested in seeing the Dashbaords mainly for the discovery JObs as this would be ongoing activity.

    Additional Information :

    Question4:We would like to export the data from the UCMDB job discovery page where it would show the number of CI's completed successfully,warning and error. Today there is no option of exporting the data direction from the Discovery Job Pane.

    Question5:In the reporting for Discovery job we need any other coloumn called CI type which would help us to troubleshoot based on the CI type.

    Question7: Customers are intereseted in seeing the draft Service Models in UCMDB as a OOTB which will be generic.

  • 2.  define primary IP... this doesn't exist as a weel known concept (at leat not one known to me).

    4. There is a report called Discovery Error Report. If results of the report not fit your need please raise Enhancement Request (AKA ER) vi Support case.

    5. ER could be raised.

    6. If you willing to change current product functionality please raise ER.

    7. Please check ASM feature of latest and greatest UCMDB 10.20. It's modeling service from the URL to the DB.

    8. If you want to pay less, you need to keep an eye on the discovery ranges. If you want to see full IT picture, the cost will raise.

    10. ER is welcome.


    For the future, I'd ask you to keep one question per topic. This will help others help there problems, without reading such a long posts. 

  • 9. The authentication via LDAP is done on LDAP side. LDAP admin is configuring how the customer could be identified (windows logon, email etc). UCMDB is just passing what the user entered to the LDAP server. The authentication itself done on th eLDAP server side.

    If by the mix mode you're pointing to option to log in with local accounts, while LDAP authentication is configured, the answer is yes for UCMDB 10.11 and higher.

    Be aware, that after enabling LDAP, you wouldn't be able to add local users.

    We do have ER to change the behaviour ->