Probe not showing in UI


I had installed QA uCMDB 10.22 and connected to Prod Copy of DB when i open my UI it was showing all Prod probe machines with disconnected status, My QA probe is not showing in UI can anyone knows what may be the issue.





  • Verified Answer

    If you have a QA UCMDB 10.22 and connected to a copy of your Prod UCMDB 10.22 Database, your Prod Probes are still pointing to the Prod UCMDB 10.22

    Unless you repoint them and change the UCMDB Server entry in the file. Was this done?

    If the Prod Probes are still connected to the Prod UCMDB  10.22 then a disconnect status is the expected status on your QA UCMDB 10.22

    In your QA Probe, check the configuration in to make sure its pointing to the QA UCMDB

    If it is, any errors on the probe wrapper gateway log?