Difference between CI collection and Business app

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I have an doubt,

In our environment Business service mapped with CI collection and ci collection are mappled with an ci's

Business service->CI collection->CI's

Some point of time Business service mapped with Business application and Business app mapped with CI collection and Ci collection map with CI's

Business service->Business app->CI collection->CI's

how it will work ?? I mean to say what is the difference between CI collection and Business app ?

If Service manager is an Business app why they consider again service manager as CI collection ?


Chethan K

  • Hello ,

    There are the difference:

    A CICollection:
    Generic logical collection of CIs.  One example usage for CiCollection would be to group business processes when no real sequencing is required between the processes.

    A collection of software components that can be managed as an independent unit that supports a particular business function.  An application is a logical composition of the functionality required to manipulate the data and provide the functional requirements of underlying business processes. An application has a set of supporting infrastructure entities.Example: Call center application, trade application etc.

    Business Element: (Parent of the BusinessApplication, more simple:)
    Business Element is a basic class for all components that support a particular business function, produce a product or provide a service that is visible to customers.


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