NNMi Population job,is the Delta population acheved?

Dear Experts,

I have question over the NNMi Population job where I am pulling  the data from NNMi to uCMDB for the network devices. there is no Delta population is available like Push.

Can this be achieved by any script changes, if so please advice.


Thank you.



  • Hi Indrakumar

    If the OOTB job not support that, then we can not achieve that by modify existing script simply.

    For the delta action, we may need some DB to remember the previous data, and then compare to the incoming data.

    So if the OOTB can not support, I don't think we can do that by modify script only.




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  • Verified Answer


    Technically... after the first sync, the next time the job runs it is a 'delta' sync... however... it is and it isn't.  The job still pulls *ALL* data from NNMi but then only pushes the changes back to UCMDB.  Every 7 days (by default), it will run another full sync.