NNMi to uCMDB Push job.

Hello Experts,

I have gone through the NNMi to UD push job manual and it says it will cretae all the CI's as Node only in uCMDB. after this, if i discover the network devices in uCMDB and update, will it change the CI Type to proper CI. or it will cretae the new CI's as Switches,Routers,Firewall etc..

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  • Hi Indrakumar

    When the CI comes in, it willl pass reconciliation engine, in this case, if your incoming CI have enough attributes, uCMDB will help to correct it.




  • Verified Answer


    NNMi will push all nodes, then deltas to the configured interval of a full sync (by default... 24 hours).  You should extend that full sync to 168 hours (once a week) to keep NNMi from constantly running the full sync.  It will push a node CI type, but if that exists in UCMDB, it will prefer the lowest possible type (e.g. let's say UCMDB discovered it at a switch, NNMi will update the switch).  Also, make sure you are only pushing CI Types you care about.  Most customers don't need/want/use hardware boards, vlans and physical ports.  Those can cause millions of new CIs, so make sure the use case you're using supports the data you're sending.