Hardware module includes SFP's, fiber modules etc.

 Please tell me For a switch below information is required, how to achieve it.


With the cisco discovery built in program in each switch its important to Pull up the devices connected to each switch, that includes IP phones and access points. This will again help in creating a master ticket during a site level issue causing multiple incident tickets.


Hardware module includes SFP's, fiber modules etc. 

We need the physical port utilisation per switch for the capacity management. report talks about TCP/ UDP port, thtas not the requirement.



  • Hello Ankita

    uCMDB supports CDP-LLDP protocols to gather this information they are based on SNMP protocol.

    Use “Discovery and Integration Content - Discovery Modules” as reference.


    IP Phones and Access Points can be discovered with SNMP if enabled, and they may be discover as nodes and network devices respectively.