Idea ID: 1682347

Activities in UCMDB that are licensed should have some indication of what % of a unit will be used.

Status : Accepted
over 2 years ago

Customers want the ability to see what discovery or integrations will trigger higher license consumption.  The license consumption guide does a good job explaining how units are consumed, but a visual indicator in the Data Flow Management area would be helpful so that customers aren't caught by surprise and so that they don't have to delete CIs to fix inadvertent license consumption.   For example, Inventory Discovery by Scanner; if I set the job parameter "discoverWPAR" to true, the discovered node is considered a server and a full unit is consumed.  A visual indicator in the job description or at the parameter level would be great to tell customers, "if you flip this switch, discovered Node CIs will consume 1 unit." 

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  • Thanks Bill!  I think that grouping the jobs should have the same net effect and I'm glad to hear about the improvement.

  • While we are not improving the existing UCMDB and Discovery UI for this type of enhancment, we have taken this feedback from this idea, as well as conversations with customers in the EDRP program.  As such, when we release the new Discovery UI (hopefully) later this year,  it is our intent to be grouping the discovery jobs based on the category of unit they consume (Advanced or Basic).  This will give you the confidence that running ANY job within the BASIC grouping will consume only a basic unit and any job in the ADVANCED grouping will consume an Advanced unit.