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Add support for VMware vCenter 6.7.1

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

Please add support for VMware vCenter 6.7.1 in the next content pack.  Also modify the documentation to point to the right folder in the SDK (our docs state:  

Get the vim25.jar file from the vsphere-client-sdk folder.

Should be:

Get the vim25.jar file from the flex-client-sdk/libs folder.


  • The closure of this ER does not impact the ER to provide discovery of VMware HA. If this ER is of interest, please vote for it at /it_ops_mgt/ucmdb/i/cms_idea/discover-vcenter-ha-feature

  • Support for "minor-minor" versions can be assumed when support statement for the equivalent minor version is already supported.  That is, vCenter 6.7 is officially supported, so it can be assumed that we also support 6.7.1

  • Hello,   another important aspect on 6.7.x   is not only to discover it    (changing one line in the code to make the version among the supported ones) but also to   deal with the new feature of the wmare   High availability feature.   I already sent all the info to Zhong yi  in the discovery RND.  Hope they   will take care of this  as it is  crucial. 


    Best regards, Lorenzo 

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